Best Man - Trevor Donnelly

Trevor and Austin met in 2004 at St. Mark's and were roomates from 2013 - 2016. 

Michael Horgan

Michael is the brother of the Bride. He currently lives in Boston and works as a project manager for Turner Construction. 



Liz Adami

Liz & Erin were roommates in 2012 after both graduating from Union. Liz is currently studying to be a Nurse Practitioner at the MGH Institute of Health Professionals. 

Darcy Randall

Darcy & Erin met at Union College and studied abroad together in York, England in 2010. Darcy currently lives in Boston and is a teacher in Boston Public Schools. 


Anne Terkovich

Anne & Erin were housemates at Union College in 2011. Anne is a middle school art teacher and currently lives in New Jersey.